Dare to know what it is common to say “Strong Russian women”

love from RussiaThis particular story has been told to us by one of our former clients who managed to find his love from Russia a few years ago, thanks to our http://single-russian-women.net website. He is a bank accountant from Denmark and his name is, Dennis Ölström. His wife is from Saint Petersburg. Her name is Irina Podushchechkina. So, here we give the word to our client.

The first thing I’d like to begin with, is to thank the developers of this wonderful website that helped to find my love and, in reality, thanks to you, I have a family now. Otherwise, it would be impossible.

Well, having said that, I would like to share with you some of my experience and what I have learnt about Russian women. Firstly, it is true that women in Russia are regarded as one of the national treasures, I would say. This is unbelievable but true. I think that many will agree with me that the Russians certainly have that right because Russian women are one of the most beautiful in the world. I can even dare to assume that Russian women have their own peculiar type of beauty which cannot be observed in any other country.

This beauty is attributed to many historical, geographical and cultural reasons. We can just underscore a few of them. Russian women are actually a mixture of the West and the East as well as the native Slavs. After hearing that, a person who knows a bit of history would recall now Poland, Mongol invasion, Vikings, Germans, etc. So, Russian women comprise the best parts of many nationalities which makes them extremely beautiful. If you look at them more closely, you will notice European, Slav and Eastern characteristics gathered together. Some look more like the Europeans, others may look more like the Asians, but overall there is something special, something that stuns every man.

Happy pretty woman making a selfie

However, the physical beauty is not the main thing I would like to talk about. The title of my message contains the words “strong Russian women”. Thus, I must admit – Russian women are extremely strong, not even physically, but rather inside. The have such stiff characters that allows them to bear huge burdens and defend their families, if necessary. This special type of character, called the Russian one, had been born and then passed through generations until now. It happened due to a number of reasons: invasions, drinking of men, hunger, wars, etc. However, all of these things did not wipe out the feminine characteristics like tenderness, caring, love, etc. Russian women exhibit the best feminine features. I, as a husband, cannot believe it, but I am still surrounded by a lot of love and care which comes from my wife. She is awesome, and I am confident that if anything happens, she will always stand by my side.

Nonetheless, the strength is also shown in other very important aspects. Russian women are also very strong when it comes to the point of forgiving something, even cheating. I am in love with my wife, and do not give her a chance to be jealous at me, but I heard many stories of my friends who are also married to Russian women that their wives forgave them cheating. OF course, this does not imply that you should keep doing it. It basically means that if you made a mistake, you should beg her forgiveness and never do it again. Otherwise, she will lose faith in you and it can lead you to the break-up.

So, many thanks again to this website for helping settle my personal life. I appreciate your job. You are doing a great thing.

Kind regards,

Dennis Ölström

P.S. I love my precious wife, Irina.